Our objective is to have the programs of Powerful Minorities Moving Forward, Inc. especially our NEW Save A Life (SAL) Program developed in late 2022, to establish permanent minority voices in the very systems of power that have victimized them in the past. We envision our clients having thriving careers in the judicial system, political arenas, law enforcement industry and non-collegiate trades. We do this through continual mentorship, and support from the ones who graduate from our programs and is committed to giving back and paying it forward. This is not only to our organization, but other organizations that is devoted to saving others that want help but never given the opportunity to achieve it. This is what creates evidence-based results that we are built on and created our theme. “Solving the problem by becoming the solution”. These solutions are provided by continual funding, relocating, family support, counseling and motivational teachings.

Solving Problems by Becoming the Solution.