Powerful Minorities Moving Forward

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Supportive Environments

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Raising Up Leaders

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Injustice to Equity

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Sustained Change

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General Education Fund

Powerful Minorities Donate NowThis fund covers all of the administrative and facility needs of Powerful Minorities Moving Forward, Inc...It also includes all educational materials to offer powerful in-sight to cultural differences, relational disparities, missed traditions and social injustices. See courses offered.


Police Counseling Fund

Powerful Minorities Police ConsulingThe Police Counseling Fund makes resources available to law enforcement professionals dealing with emotional issues and stresses from making hard decisions that affect and effect them, their families and communities This includes , dealing with racism, culture violence, riots, and other acts of violence.

Addiction Counseling Fund

Powerful Minorities Addiction ConsulingProviding measured results and counseling strategies to effectively deal with substance abuse. These sessions will offer measurable results for holistic and sustainable recovery.

We use the 5 stages of Change, CBT, and the Existential Methods to ensure total understanding of self and responsibility in your recovery.

Spiritual Counseling Fund

Powerful Minorities Spiritual Consuling“no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has conceived' -- the things God has prepared for those who love him--" 1 Cor 2;9.
Regardless of your “religion” our spiritual counseling sessions allows an individual to experience true “worship” that will move them into cohesion and harmony with their inner self. These sessions focus on spiritual abandonment, church hurt, emotional emptiness, and the need to be spiritually centered.