Powerful Minorities Donate NowThe Youth and Adult workshops offered by Powerful Minorities Moving Forward, Inc. are centered on making individuals whole and more informed about their history, tradition, and culture. These workshops are important for them to know where they come from in order to know where they are going; and how important it is to stop same culture genocide.

The most powerful workshops we teach is the one entitled "The Five I’s”, “Transforming Acorns to Oak Trees” and “Woman Who art Thou before and after”.


Youth/Adult Workshops

Fatherhood 101 “The Facts -vs- The Myths”
12 sessions
My New Relationship
6 sessions
In The Kitchen
6 sessions
Being Single and Loving It
6 sessions
Are There Any Traditions Left???
6 sessions
Woman, Who Art Thou???
16 sessions
I Am Still A Viable & Productive Member Of Society
12 sessions
How To Handle The “Ruff” Situations
6 sessions
Single Parenting
6 sessions
Transforming Acorns into Oak Trees
12 sessions
Each individual is provided with a syllabus that includes the necessary tools needed to successfully pass. Each course ends in a formal graduation where certificates of completion are handed out. Sessions are developed specifically for your organizational needs and population. We offer classes at our offices, or at your place of specification. We primarily use the King James or New International versions of the Bible.