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We provide in-depth insight to commanders, officers, sheriffs, and marshals of their obligations. We remind them of their duties, responsibilities, and commitment to their communities, different races and other cultures. These workshops allow those individuals to have a better understanding of their civic duties, cultural differences, and community accountabilities, especially with those dealing with addiction and mental illness. The LEO SURVERY IS GREAT.

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Law Enforcement Workshops

Do I wear the badge, or is the badge wearing me?
12 sessions
Honor and Integrity
6 sessions
My Personal Life
6 sessions
My Health
6 sessions
My Spiritual Life
6 sessions
Am I Addicted?
6 sessions
Am I Addicted? Part 2
6 sessions
When do I get out?
6 sessions
Seeking Help
6 sessions
Guilt and Shame
6 sessions
Why does Black Lives Matter?
12 sessions
Abusing Your Authority
6 sessions
Crossing The Line
6 sessions
After a Shooting, then what?
6 sessions
Do I talk about it or hide it from my family?
6 sessions
When I’m shaken, who do I talk to?
6 sessions
What about my dreams?
6 sessions
/Homicide%20or%20Genocide? %20From%20a%20cultural%20perspective...
Homicide or Genocide?  From a cultural perspective...
6 sessions
Each individual is provided with a syllabus that includes the necessary tools needed to successfully pass. Each course ends in a formal graduation where certificates of completion are handed out. Sessions are developed specifically for your organizational needs and population. We offer classes at our offices, or at your place of specification. We primarily use the King James or New International versions of the Bible.