Our organization transformed into PMMF Inc from BFCG Inc in 2020. The first chapter was named Buffalo Father’s Cooperative Group in 2000. Upon relocating to Baltimore, Maryland in 2003, the Baltimore Chapter was started. In 2016 we relocated to Rochester NY to expand and continue God’s vision for our organization and seek justice for minorities being abused, wrongfully incarcerated and murdered. This new chapter is designed to help eliminate the senseless black on black crime endangering our youth.
Our organization is dedicated to the life and murder of Kalief Browder.

K Brwder1993-2015
PMMF, Inc. is a faith-based 501c3 non-profit organization that focus on individuals and the development of minorities seeking careers as police officers, correctional officials, and other fields in the judicial system. We work to lower black on black crime, and help minority communities understand the plight of racism, and other prejudices by identifying the cause of these behaviors, and eradicating them.
  For over 20 years, we have concentrated on developing holistic retreats, seminars, workshops, teambuilding exercises, conferences spiritual, emotional, and addiction counseling sessions for individuals, organizations, companies, and agencies.

  • Since 1993 we have found the way to include spiritual principles while dealing with realistic issues, situations and strongholds.

  • In 2013 we received the “Certificate of Recognition” for outstanding public service work from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings -Blake of Baltimore MD.

  • Since 2017, we have focused on the theme of “Transforming Acorns into Oaktree's.” A metaphor of transforming boys to men.

Rev Alton Byrd sq





Reverend Alton L. Byrd Sr.
Founder & CEO