Powerful Minorities Donate NowPowerful Minorities Moving Forward, Inc. offers multiple educational workshops that provide the understanding and tools for participants to become the leaders at home and in the community they were meant to be. These workshops are designed for students in elementary school to adult learners. We remind adult learners that they can still be honor roll students even at their age and educational level.

Educational Workshops

Who’s Smoking???
6 sessions
Who’s Smarter...Him or Her..
6 sessions
Kicking The Habit
12 sessions
“Being Physical”
4 sessions
Oh My God...What About The Baby
6 sessions
Grief And Sorrow
6 sessions
Wisdom vs Stagnation
6 Sessions
How To Be An Honor Roll/Deans’ List Student
6 sessions
The Learning Curve
6 Sessions
I Dropped Out - Is it too late for me to start again?
6 sessions
The Five I's of Life
12 sessions